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21mm Swirl killer for a beginner?



I ordered the Swirl Killer mystery box from Amazon hoping that I would get either the 12mm or the 15mm, as luck would have it, I got the 21mm. The good news is I got about $400 worth of products for $200, the bad news is I have never used any type of polisher before. My question is how much more difficult is using the 21mm over the 15mm or more specifically am I going to ruin my paint? The primary vehicles it will be used on are a 2016 Honda Accord and a 2018 Ford F250. Thanks in advance.

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The 21mm is a solid machine and when used properly with sound practice (as with all polishers), will not run any risk of damaging your paint any more than the others. I will say it's a bit more cumbersome to use than the 15mm (my favorite of the 3), but its size will be easier to use on a larger vehicle like your F250. Smaller body panels and sections will be harder if not impossible to reach, but you should be able to get to much of cars with it, and it could also speed up the process since it covers more area per pass.


Here's a great write-up that may also put your mind a bit more at ease.



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