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  1. LOVE BUGS are out in Florida. Thank God for Adam's Bug Remover. No pictures!!! Wet the Dodge Dakota truck and sprayed the grille, windshield and side mirrors with Bug Remover. Let it soak and soften the bug guts for a minute and started the removal process. Rinsed the truck off and did a quick hand wash on the rest of the truck. Dried and applied Ceramic Boost. No pictures!!! Wet the Toyota Avalon (garage queen) and sprayed the grille, windshield and side mirrors with Bug Remover. Let it soak and soften the bug guts for a minute and started the removal process
  2. Apologize up front as I completely forgot to take before pictures. I completely detailed and applied Ceramic Spray back in October 2019. Decided to do it all over again now. 1. Spent all day Thursday washing, Iron remover, clay bar and cleaning the engine bay and tires and wheels. 2. Spent all day Friday finish polishing with Swirl Killer, applying Surface Prep and applied Ceramic Spray coating to the entire car including door jams on the "Garage Queen". 3. Applied Tire Shine and put the license plate back on today. Done for now due to extreme heat index. I'll clean th
  3. TOTAL HONESTY, this is the first black car I have ever liked the looks of. It is totally awesome. Good Job!! From an Air Force Guy to an Army Guy. I salute you.
  4. Is that a Punishment Gift or a Gift of Punishment?
  5. Hmmmm, I'll have to rethink this cordless polisher idea. I hope it is just crappy batteries.
  6. I wish you were closer, I'd have you detail my new Toyota. Just a little too far down the west coast to go.
  7. I'm a retired Contract Negotiator so I understand the itch. When I get it I use that as an excuse to hone my negotiating skills. Ha Ha. Works every time.
  8. lvwashere. I'm just up the coast in Crystal River. Your Subie looks nice. Just traded my 2018 Forester for a new 2020 Toyota Hybrid so I understand the update bug. Let the shining begin.
  9. Geez, I wish I lived there. I would much rather walk in and pick up what I need and leave with it in my hand. You can even buy the MF Revitalizer there. I wonder why that product is NEVER discounted or on sale? Anyways, all the way over here in Florida, having a retail store close by would be nice. Getting ready to buy a polishing machine and having to buy a bunch of different pads and polishes just to see what I need seems costly. Having the store close by would make things so much easier. Oh well, such is life.
  10. I thought you had to be a member. Cool. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Joel. I'm from Miami but now live in Crystal River. Let the shining begin!! Nice looking car.
  12. Who said procrastination was bad thing?? Thanks for the heads up. I'm not on Instagram.
  13. THANKS @falcaineer. I'm planning on stripping it down and doing everything in the spring so I'll save the link and look into it then. Appreciate the info.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. The link takes you to a page to complete info but I didn't see any rates. Just curious, which is better for a rookie, corded or battery operated? Is the 15MM the best option?
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