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Hello From Indiana


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Hello All, 


been following from a far but finally have a question.  I got a new Silverado roughly 6000 miles and have this yellowish stain on the rocker panel that I can’t seem to remove. Initially tried the clay bar, any other thoughts?




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Hey welcome to the forum!


congrats on the new ride! You have any more pictures?


Have you thought about trying bug remover or a diluted all purpose cleaner? If it’s just something stick to the paint I’ve had luck with a diluted apc. Just make sure to not let it sit too long. Like 10 seconds max. Clay bar is another good option.


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Thanks for the input. I tried some all purpose cleaner this morning and then again with the clay bar. Still didn’t phase it. I tried to take some additional pictures not sure if that helps. It’s very low on the panel down in that softer under body coating that they have started to apply I assume to help with rock chips. 



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