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Uses VRT for the 1st time recently.


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It doesn't say tire on the bottle so I'm guessing it's the previous formulation.  The cowl on my friends Corolla was oxidated so it looked pretty milky and faded.  Cleaned it up with APC, let dry fully then applied VRT with a MF sponge.  So I took pics, but my phone sucks and most of they didn't come out good enough to show a decent before and after. These 2 are the best of the bunch.  I did this 3 weeks ago and looking at it yesterday and it still looked as good as day one.  I'm impressed


Was fast and easy, even if I have to re-do it every 4 weeks, it only took me about 5 minutes total and I used next to none of the product.  I don't know why I waited this long to try VRT, but it's going to be big  in my arsenal now for sure. I definitely want to try the new Sio2 infused formula.








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Love the VRT, I have about 3 bottles always. After applying it you can enhance wit the matt detailer. Also great is the in and out spray. use it the cockpit on bottons  on turn signals etc.....they look better than new. Spray it in the engine bay and wow....Order by the three packs as you will go through it fast. only downside about the in and out spray is that it doesn't last long under the elements outside and the interior you will want to air the car. It smells and can be a little overwhelming 

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I've used the updated VRT several times already on my wife's Cherokee and it looks amazing/brand new every single time! I believe it lasts between 3-4 washes before it shows signs of fading. It's so easy to apply with the block applicator I really wouldnt mind if I had to apply every single time. Thoughts on the In and Out spray: I just recently used on my boat motor housing and its lasted through a couple of outings on the lake. Still shining bright but I dont think I will reapply because if i did need to pull the covering off the In and Out spray does make it really slippery. 2 GREAT products from Adam's as usual so keep them coming!

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