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Carl Edwards got HOSED!!


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As Carl himself said "NASCAR puts us in a box and we have to race like this until someone gets killed, then they'll [NASCAR] change the rules" (talking about the yellow line)


Still, you go high KNOWING that he'll block, only to shoot low and stick your nose under him. C'mon, he (Keselowski) knew that Carl would try to block again.... sounded like he expected Carl to. Looks like a play straight from the Earnhardt SR. playbook..... and he was as crooked as they come.


Was it legal? Yes.

Was it clean? Not even close.




Keselowski won


check out www.nascar.com pics/video and story are there.

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Has anyone heard how many in the stands got hurt and how serious ?

Eight fans got hurt, no one was serious, maybe as broken jaw as the worst.


As far a Carl goes he screwed up, he went high to block and the kid beat him to the bottom, and unlike Regan Smith last fall, BK held his postion and Edwards got punted!


Myself I hate the blocking in NASCAR:explode:

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It was bad for Carl, but Brad was clearly under him and saw the checkered flag in his sight. Brad did nothing wrong and Carl knew it. It was bad either way but I can guarantee the outcome would have been the same if the roles were reversed (Brad going for a ride and Carl winning). Carl races hard and has taken his fair share of people out, especially when it's time to go! Awesome sport! :rockon:

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I feel that it was plainly just good racing. Carl may have been a little shook up, but on the bright side he should be thanking Nascar for the safety equipment that allowed him to climb out of his car and run across the finish line.

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