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Hello guys/gals im new to this forum but not new to detailing....i use mostly meguiars BUT i do have a few adams polishes products. I have heard a lot of good things about adams polishes so i thought id join the forum and read up a bit on the different waxes, cleaners and all that.

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Welcome to the forum. :hi:

I too use Meguiars however I'm going strictly Adams....I have a case of Ultimate Quik Detail spray I need to use up first.


I just added the Adams gallon size car wash and the drying towel to my other Adams car care products supplies which I am looking forward to start using this weekend (on the wifes car)

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Haha yes...im all over the place :D

Okay, I hope you are coming to the Boystown Car Show this Sunday! I'll have my Adam's booth there, plus run the bake auction around 11:00.

GME is planning on being there.


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Welcome! Glad to see another convert.


I too used to use Meguires and then tried Adams DS and was sold. I now have a small stores worth of his stuff and love every bit of it.


I converted my brother and father as well.


If you haven't already, get some BSG for that beauty.



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