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Have a Nice Garage & a Black C6 Z06 or ZR-1?


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My Friends!


It's time to shoot our 6th Instructional DVD, and we need a nice place to shoot it in Southern California.


We also need a black or charcoal swirled C6 Z06, or a C6 ZR-1. Whoever organizes the location, needed all day, August 19, will get one heck of a detail, and $1,000 in product.


Needs to be in Southern California, and we don't need access to the inside of the house, only a restroom for the video production team.


Thanks in advance, and if you have a potential spot, please email photos of you car, garage, and driveway to:




Thanks! -Adam:thumbsup:

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Location Found! Now, we need the ZR-1...... Anyone, anyone, anyone??



What about talking to local chevy dealers in the area to see if they have a car you can use? I'm sure whatever they have will come standard with swirl marks :jester:

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Don't have the garage or the right state but i have a 08 black z06 with some swirls from mass. To bad for me



Road Trip!!! Come on Mark, leave tomorrow, and we'll see you in CA on Wed morning. I'll cover your stay in LA for two days, and all meals.


Sound like a plan? Your car will be the PERFECT demonstration vehicle after 2600 miles!



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