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Slight cut in door panel



My wife went to a meeting and she had to haul some stuff home. One of the items was a metal sign. When she put it in the car it fell against the door panel, without her knowing it and sat there and rubbed all the way home. when she got home she saw what it had done. Now, I have just not done anything with it, because I had no idea what to do. Yesterday while cleaning the car I saw it and realized someone here might have an idea.


I'll try get a picture taken and posted. Pic posted below.... The longest one is about 1" long the others are just where the corner poked them.


Any ideas on how to repair this...short of buying a new door panel?

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I was actually thinking I could use a hair dryer and "warm up" the vinyl a bit and form it back some and then the vinyl repair kit. What does anyone think about that?


That was going to be my first suggestion... try a hair dryer and some massaging with your fingers and see if it comes back into shape. it costs nothing, can't really do any harm to try, and it might just bring it back to "good enough".


Let us know what you end up doing and how it works. :2thumbs:



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