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OMG it works



Just got my PC and stuff took a tranquilizer and tried it. Steve at the warehouse had suggested starting with the FMP as my finish wasn't too bad. Being chicken I did the slow cut with FMP and the white pad. Although the finish was very smooth and shiney the spider webs were still there so I went to the SHR and the slow cut, better, but the lines were still there. Went to SHR and 6 a little slower then FMP the webs are gone! Unbelievable, a product that works! I started on a side quarter panel that has a lot of curves and creases so I knew it wouldn't be as easy as say a hood and I think the scratches that where hard to deal with were actually due to the curves in the metal and getting the pads in the right position. Still want to come to Northridge when I can Bruce, but I am really thrilled so far and can't wait to tackle the whole car, well maybe a little as it can be hard work,:) AND as good as the products are thank you all for giving teriffic advice encouragement and the support to go after our pride and joys.

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