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300ZX Hood Correction


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My 90 300ZX Twin Turbo has been my project car for several years now. I have been concentrating on the drivetrain and have it basically where I want. I am lacking wheels and tires, but that is minor now.


The body was in excellent shape for the most part, but the clear coat was bubbling in certain areas. The front fascia and rear spoiler needed replacing, so I know it needed a paint job when I bought it. Since I knew it would be painted one day I experimented with wet sanding the hood to remove the clear coat bubbles. DO NOT WET SAND WITH BARE HANDS. USE A SANDING BLOCK! As the wet sanding with bare hands leaves uneven sanding marks.


I have been wanting to see what the SHR and orange pad would do with my wet sanding experiment. I washed and dried the Z last night as there was an 80% chance of rain today and pulled it in the garage. I got up this morning and taped off half the hood and started to work. I started with SHR and orange pad, PC set on 5, worked in SHR, hit the pad with a spray of DS, worked in the product, hit the pad again with DS, turn up PC to 6 and work the product in. Changed to white pad and FMP and followed the same steps above. Switched to black pad and worked in SMW with PC set on 6.


Of course this post would be worthless without pics. So here we go.


This is the 50/50 of detailed hood on right and wet sanded hood on left.



This is the left side (wet sanded):



Finally this is the detailed side:



This is only my 3rd vehicle of using the PC and SHR on. Parts of the detailed side still have the clear coat bubbling, so I am quite impressed with the SHR. I can't wait until my buddies see the difference. My hood has been like this for about two years.

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Nice job Greg.


I worked with an experienced detailer for a few days over the summer and asked for a lesson on wet sanding. We did a small area on my truck to try to get out some scratches. We made it look better, but couldn’t safely remove the scratches.

Later that week I tried doing 'a little' more - wetsanding the entire side of the truck with 3000 grit. There was a BIG lump in my throat when I started working the SHR to get out the wetsanding marks, but in a short time it looked better than new and I was very relieved (and proud)!


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