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Ordered my new License Plates tonight


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LOVE IT! In CA it takes forever to get custom plates. I have FUN LS1 for my Corvette and MPG H8R for my truck.


It took me 8 weeks to get BLWN CHV for my old Crew Cab.....It will be worht the wait!


I think I have seen your vette around the LA area, you get out this way often?

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I get to Torrance but not really often above that. Olvera street when I want some good food.


Ohhh, Olvera street is sooo good! Those taquitos are killer, the sauce is what really makes them. Ever go to the place across the street next to Subway, La Placerita or whatever it is called? Their tortas are awesome, same with the fruit bowl "fresca con crema". I work right down the street at the jails, so we know all the good places!

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A tune is the most important aspect of power mods. It'll allow your engine's computer (if running fuel injected instead of carb'd) to compensate for a mod that now has you running rich or lean. It can help correct timing and even change shift points on automatic transmission cars. I love seeing guys add intake, exhaust, and other simple bolt on mods hit the dyno and see a potential LOSS in power! I ask them if they've had a tune (either dyno or speed density) and they say no. Well that explains it!

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Well If we are talking about mods I'm jumping in on this!!


my 02 z06 is getting


Cam ( big one )

1 3/4 headers

921 springs

hardened pushrods ( etc )

new clutch


160 therm

tb bypass


Hoping for ~440 @ wheels :banana:

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