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Anyone top Glass Sealant with BSG?



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Does the sealent minimize those little micro flecks in the glass?


Do you mean pitting? I'd say yes... I think the sealant goes a long ways to clarifying the glass and filling minor defects to make the glass overall much more clear.


To the OP... best way to know is to try... I don't really see the need, the sealant will offer better durability and enhanced clarity, but again, give it a shot and see what you think... maybe do a side by side and share your results with us here on the forum.


To be safe I'd let the glass sealant setup for about 30 minutes before putting anything over the top. It cures quickly, but since we're talking about a big piece of glass that you need to be able to see thru, error on the side of caution and give it extra setup time to avoid clouding or other issues.

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