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New Guy from Iowa.


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Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop a note in the newbie check-in. I took delivery of my new 2k10 Charger R/T a bit more than a month ago. I'd been researching care products for some time and eventually settled on Adam's because of their responsibility to the environment and ease of use particularly the color matched product to applicator. Going from watching my previous cars finish fade over it's lifetime to caring a lot for my brand new ride I needed an education. I found Junkman's videos which led me here, and then watched Adam's videos, and then had a great conversation with Dylan via email that completely sold me, great customer service is just as important as a great product to me. I am sure I will have tons of newbie questions but I'm a reader so hopefully I will not ask a lot of questions that get repeated frequently. :D


I did my first detail last weekend, since my car came from the factory I didn't do as much claying as I could have, but the bag over the hand test showed that my finish was still very smooth to the touch, so I only went over a few areas that felt a little rougher. But the end result with a coat of SMW on the black finish made my car glow. :drool: And my wife loves how it made the car and garage smell, so that helps when I tell her how much I am investing in having a great looking vehicle.


Going to give it a complete wash next weekend and go over the SMW and test Buttery and BSG and compare to see which I like better. I'll post pictures then. But a black car in the midwest will be a battle, I have to dust the car almost every day, thank goodness for the cali car duster. :)


But I just wanted to introduce myself and say how much I am enjoying Adam's products.



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What town in IA?


Black is fun.... This is my third one...


BSG and Buttery are different products. Honestly Buttery over SMW isn't NEEDED. It can add some brilliants to it I suppose as well as some longevity, but MSW lasts a LONG time.


I'd top with BSG and call it good to go!



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Welcome Josh! Are you using a pc or by hand? MSW is Machine Super Wax, and the Buttery Wax is for "by hand" use. But top either one off with the Brilliant Spray Glaze for the ultra shine. I use the Buttery Wax and BSG on my black. Or Americana and BSG. See which one you like best and let us know.

With pics of course. :D



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For those that asked I am in Coralville, basically Iowa City. Same town as the University of Iowa for those unfamiliar. Go Hawks!


As for if I have the PC, indeed I do, I spent a few hours with it last Saturday. I went nuts buying in to Adam's products. :D


I don't have any pictures after the detail because after I did the second buff of the SMW It was dark, and my garage lighting isn't good for photos. I'll snap some as soon as the sun comes back, maybe tomorrow.


Thanks for the suggestion of skipping the buttery coat over the SMW, and going right for the BSG. I'll likely do that, or another coat of SMW then BSG, depends on how overprotective I feel. :)


For now here are a couple pictures taken after a touchless wash, cleaned the wheels and tires with some product I didn't quite like. With a link to my gallery of the new hawtness below. It's a fully loaded Charger R/T "R" package with "Super Track Pack" only no sunroof, I am a tall guy at 6'5" and sunroof left no headroom for me. The Super Track Pack basically makes it as close to a SRT-8 it can be with out the super gas guzzling engine, that won't shut off cylinders. It's a rocket ship on wheels and I am a very proud owner. :D






Here's a link to more pictures, this is still pretty fresh from the dealer and a wash. You can even see my large reflection in a few of the pictures.

My Charger Gallery

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I just aded a couple pics to the gallery after some light rain while I was in watching Iron Man 2. And wow the SMW made the water just bead up nice. My previous post has the link.

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