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  1. I have my PC for years for general polishing and waxing, etc. I also have a rotary (FLEX) when I am doing serious paint correcting or polishing after DA wet sanding new paint work. If the PC is not getting results sometimes if you want excellent results as an example you would do a DA wet sanding with 3000 grit then even maybe 5000, then rotary polish with 2 or 3 levels of polishing. In this example the wet sanding removes the scratches and the polish finishes the wet sanding. That result could then be maintained with your PC and Adams Correcting and / or Finishing polish.
  2. Hello. On my 1964 Impala SS windshield. Has no scratches that would catch a fingernail. I clayed and then polished with cerium oxide and rotary buffer. Took about 3 hours and came out quite well, dingy gray and wiper streaks from years about 95% gone. Then cleaned with an IPA solution I made. So, squeaky clean and as very old there are more pores in the glass than new glass. But I just want to preserve the original windshield. So, I then did the Adams Glass Sealer and it brightened it up slightly more. My questions are: * Would a second application improve the sealing of the pores? * Aside from cleaning the wiper blades (NOS blades from 1964) with Adam's glass cleaner should I coat the blades with VRT or the Glass Sealer? * After application what do I clean the Adam's application pad with? Thanks. Doug
  3. Just a note of caution to everyone. I bought the H2O G&G gallon kit some time ago, great product. Last wash I could not find my spray bottle, looked everywhere, had to fill an old bottle with a Detail Spray label, now has H2O G&G in it. I am very careful with my Adam's stuff, so obviously the Adam's products greatness has reached the outer limits. It's time to watch your stuff! The aliens took my stuff!
  4. Ok, thanks all. I am the original poster, and I now know two things: 1. Adam's has no spray wax. 2. My head hurts!
  5. Yes, my understanding was the old version of Detail Spray had no protection, that the new version does some sort of "boost" to an existing wax application. So, that is why I asked about a true spray wax product.
  6. I thought Detail Spray had no protection components.
  7. Maybe I am missing something. But, do we have a spray wax? I'm thinking how great Detail Spray is, but no protection. H2OGG is great but is for after a wash. LPS is great but is machine work & time. So, I would love a spray wax. Thinking about my motorcycle and classic car, it would be nice to take a clean vehicle / bike and hit it with a spray wax. Thinking also chrome wheels, etc. Maybe a combination Detail Spray with a wax mixed in. Thanks, Doug
  8. Finished doing the Finish Polish and Revive by hand. Came out quite good I think. Here is an outside picture of the door.
  9. Ok, me again. Did Finishing Polish to hood, here is a picture of my garage ceiling light in the hood, slight reflection of me leaning over the hood. Ceiling light reflection is more pronounced now I think. Slightly more gloss than precious pics after claying. So, thinking to continue then do Revive, then Americana.
  10. Thanks a lot. Here are pics of the hood and door reflection after Strip Wash and Clay. I think the Finishing Polish will come out nice. The car was wet sanded with 4000 as a final step, done about 6 years ago.
  11. Well, I lied, a few areas have a very slight grit feel with the plastic bag, so I will clay. Then polish with just finishing polish I think? Your thoughts.
  12. Surface smooth as silk. Thinking of just Finishing Polish to give a little more depth in color. Maybe the blue by hand also? Then Americana. Original dog dish wheels with wide ovals. So, final suggestions for polishing?
  13. Hey all, ready to polish the Nova. Have not done more than Detail Spray and Americana over the last 4 or 5 years. Figure it's time to polish for a little better finish. I did the Strip Wash. I am wondering if I really need to clay. Hard to see from pictures but no scratches, maybe small swirl here and there. So, thinking of just doing the white pad and Finishing Polish. Then Americana. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks Chris, and I see in your forum pic a 69 SS 396 Chevelle.....to me that is the definition of MUSCLE CAR!
  15. Thanks again. Also I'm thinking about the chrome wire wheels, is Adams Wheel Cleaner still the best/ And as it is basically a new bike the wire wheels are in good shape, I'm more concerned with making sure they don't get grungy and have some protection on them.
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