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  1. rondre

    HARD city water

    I've tried a lot of things as I have the same situation as you. Tried vinegar - no go, tried just claying - no go - tried meguiars water spot remover (just with a microfiber) - no go, I had to polish mine off. A friend of mine had etching from over a year of collecting water spots and at the time all i had was griots one step (non-boss) and the meguiars 4inch drill attached DA. Took about 4 hours but was able to get about 95% of the water spots off so any quality polish should work for you but not sure if that's more of a pain in the *** than doing the vinegar.
  2. rondre

    Is the Foam Gun Worth It?

    I don't have the foam gun but do have the red spray nozzle and love it - looks to be the same as what comes with the guns just w/o the gun attachment part. I do have a foam cannon (non-adams) and I can actually attest to pre-foaming helping loosen dirt. I foamed down my truck with the cannon and for some reason started on the side i'd just foamed rather than the one I started foaming on. By the time I got around to that side a few minutes later the dirt was wiping off very cleanly while on the first side i had to make several passes. I've never been one to let the foam sit but have been now and finding it does help. Personally I like the pressure washer method as the foam is thicker and seems to stay on the vehicle longer but that's just based off my use vs what i see in videos. I have a quick disconnect on the pressure washer and spray nozzle so it's pretty easy to swap between the 2. The pressure washer is electric and doesn't foam quite as well as my gas powered which was stolen a couple months ago but it still will paint the car white. If it were me I'd recommend getting a cannon over the gun but if not an option I believe the gun would be a good choice over just the 2 bucket method.
  3. Not sure if this was directed at me or not but i've got toyo open country at - haven't washed truck in a while as rain on and off and taking care of wifes car first - hoping in a couple weeks to get back at it.
  4. rondre

    Metro vac suggestions

    Does anyone here use it w/ an inline filter? I actually just picked one up recently so was thinking of incorporating that.
  5. rondre

    Metro vac suggestions

    I don't have a car specific blower - any issues just using an air compressor to do this? I know it's not recommended for the paint but for interior you're going to be cleaning is it a problem?
  6. rondre

    YouTube Interest

    Another idea that might be hard to pull off - run tape down the middle of a car that is really dirty and do a full detail/correction/polish/seal or wax on half then show the difference of the "before and after". Since correcting could prob get away with rinseless to get a crisp line.
  7. rondre

    YouTube Interest

    Foam Wars - a video that shows a line of foam cannons filled with the same amount of water (preferably distilled for comparison) and show adding the same amount of soaps from the different ones offers - pop each in the pressure washer and shoot - see the difference from the same video, same environment, etc. Also would be nice to see a comparison of different soaps with different concentrations - ie reg shampoo with 2 oz added, 3 oz added, 4 oz...5, etc. It would be nice to have a controlled environment available to showcase the differences. I've read many posts about ultra foam not yielding any better suds than reg but maybe ultra foam doesn't get foamier past a certain # of ounces while regular does. Does strip wash foam as good as the rest? Dunno, but showcasing all in the same context would be pretty sweet.
  8. rondre

    YouTube Interest

    I think this is an awesome idea and maybe even do it like extreme makeover auto edition. show up at a random persons house and offer to do a free full detail.
  9. rondre

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    Makes sense, but still don't know why you couldn't use either on either surface
  10. rondre

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    Well i'm not gonna pretend to be an expert but what would the difference between painted wheels and painted cars be? Guessing both would have a clear coat over them or mixed in so don't see what the difference would be. Guessing the paint coating at 7H was maybe ease of application over the larger surface or it might have something to do with the formula producing more shine at a lower hardness? Just speculating.
  11. rondre

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    I'm guessing they're using the wheel coating which says it's a 9h and product description says can be used on paint, powder coat, chrome, and polished aluminum. It's also cheaper than the paint coating if just looking at the bottle
  12. what is the longevity you've found with glass boost? also does it have a cure time?
  13. Received this in last mystery buckets - was pretty excited to check it out. Unfortunately I never found my original adams glass sealant which i loved and was using up some griots glass sealant which works great as well, just takes twice as long to apply for similar results. Well in Norcal there's a 2 day rainstorm blowing through so this morning i decided to "boost" my wife's sealed car (bout a month ago with griots) with some glass boost and since i've only had my truck a few months i hadn't yet sealed my windshield so decided to do it since my wipers were squeaky. Cleaned glass thoroughly and clayed it afterwards then spent a good 15 minutes doing 2 coats of the griots per instructions. The only non-instruction thing I did was rather than wipe it off once hazed over I misted some glass boost on top and buffed to a ?shine? Anyways - water was beading like crazy and flying off the windshield around 30mph - but literally less than 5 minutes later and probably 5 wiper swipes in they wipers were squeaking again and low and behold, the glass is no longer sealed. My wife also reported her wipers were squeaking a little today too. I'm guessing that maybe the glass boost doesn't play nice w/ the griots variety (no matter, my replacement Adam's one is coming Tuesday), but I'm not really sure - anyone else have any experience using glass boost w/ a non Adams glass sealant? Does the humidity play a factor in not letting it seal properly? The only difference between when the stuff i have worked great and today was the addition of the glass boost and less time before water touched the windshield. I will say during the final buffing off of the sealant and boost that the windshield was suuuuuper slick. Anyways - not sure if anyone can answer the humidity with glass sealant question or glass boost with other sealant question but wanted to throw this out there. I'm going to re-coat tonight after work w/o using the boost and see if it's the humidity or the boost - will update with results later.
  14. So picked up the brilliant glaze/americana kit along with the paint sealant (going to completely ignore the griots stuff i bought previously - def becoming an adams fanboy). I've never used a glaze before and been combing the forums but still have some questions. 1 - I know for coated vehicles it's been stated that sealants/waxes can actually hinder hydrophobic properties and are not needed. Would brilliant glaze affect anything if applied over a coating and will it still give a high gloss? 2 - Would Americana applied over the coating (or coating + bg) act the same as the wax on a non coated (but prepped) vehicle? 3 - When applying brilliant glaze - is it like a sealant or wax that you wait for it so dry before buffing or do you wipe it on and buff it off right away? Thanks all!