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  1. Competency - perhaps lol. Definitely wouldn't consider myself a detailer but enthusiast yes. I've watched enough videos to know what needs to be done - just haven't done it other than my own vehicles. Regarding this service, the experimental side of me really wants to see how it compares with APS so I've decided to go ahead and do it. I did some more research and this is basically a brand new service for them and seems to be not long in the industry - it's essentially a "car wash" with "super soft" cloth fibers that work the sealant in automatically. Honestly when I saw the video I was scared $hitless to run a brand new vehicle through it - but I've got a decent flashlight to check it out after and I'm going to tape off half the hood for comparison. I figure if it swirls I'll just have to fix, but at least I can talk smack online w/ proof and help others out with real world experience vs an opinion. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised - but doubt it. Will keep ppl posted long as RL doesn't get in the way - The way my garage is right now the suv will be outdoor only. Northern California doesn't see too much bad weather but we're heading to Reno in a week so good chance of some nasty conditions on I-80 - will see how it holds up - I think I might need to do a side panel as well for comparison now that i think of it
  2. I agree with you 100% Paradox - I have a friend who is our all the time mechanic barring recall work and I do my own detailing so there is no additional cost that could be incurred other than them potentially screwing up the paint - but would also include a warranty. I confirmed it is a sealant and not a coating so I might just polish off half of the hood and put adams paint sealant on the other side so I can get a side by side comparison. The other advantage is my garage is literally full ceiling to floor with a project i'm working on so I have nowhere to detail it myself. I think I'll let them do at least one since I can't get a sealant on anytime soon and compare results w/ APS.
  3. Hi everyone, Just bought a new 2019 Mazda CX-5 and the dealer was doing a promo for free auto-butler service. I know this wasn't wrapped into the cost of the vehicle as we got it $550 under invoice due to a screw up on their end and I've always declined those dealer packages because I know they're a rip off, however, since this is "free" I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of auto butler or their service. I feel like I'm at a crossroads - if I let them perform the service it requires them to "touch it up" every 6 months which basically tells me it's a sealant and not a coating. This option requires us to bring it in and for the dealer to do the work which could be swirl inducive, but also provides a "warranty" of which I really know nothing about. On the other hand I have paint sealant already and can probably put a better product on but at my own cost as well. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Auto Butler service? Really not sure which way to go here. Thanks, Ron
  4. Wonder if it would be more effective to do a soak and wash by hand over washing machine for so few - my particular washer doesn't do much agitation. Anyone else hand wash their towels?
  5. Also - here is a great article on box fan cheap filtration (courtesy of izzy swan sharing in one of his videos also shared) http://www.americanallergysupply.com/box-fan-air-cleaner.htm Izzy video: I'll probably still do the wen model for the remote and ease of not building so i can use that time towards other projects but in future might do the box fan as well on a mobile cart for area specific.
  6. I've probably seen all of them but I'm probably just going to bite the bullet and setup a super dust deputy. I have the regular one i've used with my shop vac and it works fantastic - pretty much nothing gets into the main unit. My garage is like 2.25 size so not enough room to really worry about running piping and the way I have it planned on being laid out a mobile unit will be best so the current single stage works for now - probably in spring (birthday) i'll use the nice weather for stuff but in the meantime i'm either just not going to use stuff in the garage without the dust collector or i'll move to the driveway if not raining. Don't have much extra $$ for stuff anyways as big trip to ireland next summer so paying off parts of that already purchased
  7. I already turned into santa and bought a harbor freight dust collector which is surprisingly awesome. Going forward it will always be used and looking into a regular shop filtration unit or just making a box fan variety. At this point I'm just very happy that one of my drying towels wasn't one that bit the dust.
  8. I have some dedicated lidded containers for them - what happened was after using the rinseless and some detail spray i was stupidly hanging them on my daughters scooter to take in and wash after. Ended up knocking them off on the ground - will just make them interior ones oh well - i have some extras. I do have a follow up question tho - I'm no professional - just enthusiast trying to keep stuff clean and do it well - but i don't polish often and honestly don't even use much detail spray lately as garage has been cluttered so less opportunity with nothing sitting there. If I do a maintenance wash I usually only have a few towels used which doesn't even cover the bottom of my washing machine. Is there any issue with spritzing some of the microfiber reviatlizer and tossing them in a lidded 5 gallon bucket until full enough for a wash? I know mold might be a factor but if they're allowed to dry first w/ the revitalizer then stored is there an issue or dmg or is it better to just do a small wash?
  9. Bummer, some good towels in there, thanks for the info guys
  10. My garage is a part time workshop and after detailing my wife's car I was taking the towels in to was and tripped over something and had to drop all the towels on the floor which was covered in sawdust and planer shavings. The shavings are sticking to the towels like Velcro, is there a way to save them or am I screwed?
  11. I've tried a lot of things as I have the same situation as you. Tried vinegar - no go, tried just claying - no go - tried meguiars water spot remover (just with a microfiber) - no go, I had to polish mine off. A friend of mine had etching from over a year of collecting water spots and at the time all i had was griots one step (non-boss) and the meguiars 4inch drill attached DA. Took about 4 hours but was able to get about 95% of the water spots off so any quality polish should work for you but not sure if that's more of a pain in the *** than doing the vinegar.
  12. I don't have the foam gun but do have the red spray nozzle and love it - looks to be the same as what comes with the guns just w/o the gun attachment part. I do have a foam cannon (non-adams) and I can actually attest to pre-foaming helping loosen dirt. I foamed down my truck with the cannon and for some reason started on the side i'd just foamed rather than the one I started foaming on. By the time I got around to that side a few minutes later the dirt was wiping off very cleanly while on the first side i had to make several passes. I've never been one to let the foam sit but have been now and finding it does help. Personally I like the pressure washer method as the foam is thicker and seems to stay on the vehicle longer but that's just based off my use vs what i see in videos. I have a quick disconnect on the pressure washer and spray nozzle so it's pretty easy to swap between the 2. The pressure washer is electric and doesn't foam quite as well as my gas powered which was stolen a couple months ago but it still will paint the car white. If it were me I'd recommend getting a cannon over the gun but if not an option I believe the gun would be a good choice over just the 2 bucket method.
  13. Not sure if this was directed at me or not but i've got toyo open country at - haven't washed truck in a while as rain on and off and taking care of wifes car first - hoping in a couple weeks to get back at it.
  14. Does anyone here use it w/ an inline filter? I actually just picked one up recently so was thinking of incorporating that.
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