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  1. I had a great experience today! I drove up from San Diego - it took an hour to get there, but it was worth it; I was kinda going stir crazy from being home, and wanted to get away for a bit. I came in, started looking around, and was asked if I needed some help; the first thing I asked was, "Do you by chance have any mystery buckets?" They had apparently sold the last one earlier, but because I had asked, they offered to make one up for me, which I was ABSOLUTELY grateful for. I know they didn't have to do that, and had they not, I would've probably done some sort of kit anyway...I got pretty much everything to do a wash for my wife's car - tire shine, spray wax, ultra wash shampoo, interior detailer, VRT, and a few other things! I ended up getting the bucket and a clay mitt, and unfortunately on the way back realized I'd forgotten to pick up some glass cleaner, interior goo, and iron remover, so I'll probably make a trip up there again in the near future; however, I've got plenty to work with right now. The guys working the counter today (I unfortunately didn't get their names) deserve kudos for their help.
  2. Thanks Julian. I look forward to checking out the shop and having a spin up the freeway, see what Adam's has to offer, and according to the wife, "spend some money on stuff I don't need", even if it means she'll benefit from it with a nice, clean car.
  3. Funny you should say that...The dealership did a "ceramic sealant" on the car (I know it was some smoke and mirrors stuff, but it was basically the cost of a pro detailing, and the car needed some care anyway to get the sealant on. It's helping to keep my car clean, and easier to maintain. I'm definitely going to need to do a good wash, clay, and try a coating on my wife's car. Hers is filthy - we had a weird light rain recently, and it was JUST enough to turn whatever dust was in the air and on the car into that really thin muddy complexion instead of washing it off. Her car was never really treated with a good ceramic coating or even a really good wax; I just haven't had good product to use on it. The last stuff I used on it was some Meguiar's Mirror Glaze, but it wasn't very good - it had separated out a bit and I couldn't really get it shaken up. The stuff was old and probably should have been tossed. So, that's part of why I'm here - to look at what else is out there that might do the job for me. :)
  4. I know that everyone's been keeping safe (and more power to you!) with the whole pandemic. That said, I know that California has been slowly opening up, and many retail stores are opening their doors again with distancing and cleaning requirements. With that in mind, are the retail locations open? I was hoping to come in to the Anaheim location next weekend to pick up some product, but wanted to make sure it was open before I drove up from Oceanside. If not, no biggie. I don't mind ordering online - I was just hoping to actually talk to someone in person who knows the products, get some suggestions for products for my interior of my car, save the $8 shipping, and get it all that same day.
  5. Hi all! I'm a SoCal car owner out of North County San Diego who has gone through multiple cars and some hobby level car detailing, and thanks to the Autopia forums, found out about Adam's products. I've just recently purchased a new to me dark grey 2016 Mini Countryman S, and my wife has a forest green 2016 Fiat 500X that I'm trying to keep cleaned and maintained properly. I've been pointed to a few detailing tools with Adam's products, and figure I'll give it a shot and see how things work! I've done the two bucket method before, own a Porter Cable DA polisher that's around 15 years old (and still works fine for the limited use I have nowadays - my apartment complex frowns on me using it in our carport, so I have to visit my senior citizen parents and utilize their garage to do a good DA polish until I can afford a Flex cordless), and I'm just looking for something else to try since I've gone the Meguiar's route and found it...I dunno, just not as good on my newer cars as it was on my previous cars. I dunno if it's due to paint formulas changing, or environmental changes (I've moved from a dusty, dry, inland area to the coast, with lots of salt air and a bit more humidity than before), but I'm looking for something new to try. The other big thing that's led me to look at Adam's products is that they have a retail store in Anaheim, which is about an hour north of me and in my old stomping grounds - I used to work in Tustin, CA, so getting around on the 5, 55, 57, 91, and 22 freeways are all pretty much a known factor for me. I figure I can come up and do my shopping, and then the wife can go to the antique mall in Orange and look around once things open back up from COVID. Nice little road trip for the two of us, right?
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