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  1. I agree, best cruise night anywhere around here! Its a great location and brings beautiful cars from a few states!
  2. 38 pin yes. I believe I have an OBD cable also, do you have the round 38 pin port under the hood. I am not sure you can access all the modules/computers through OBD? I will never be able to use the Star Diagnostics to its full potential (coding, marrying components). I have done 8 of my 11 hydraulic cylinders (sent the one bow to top hydraulics). You can buy the seals for about $26 dollars a cylinder but you have to buy them in pairs so $52 about for 2 cylinders. Need Mercedes fluid, and you should flush the system. Hit me up here or there if you need anything. Same username everywhere.
  3. Nice color for sure. I am in Brockton, and you? Are you On benzworld? It's where I get most of my help and information. I also have a star diagnostics if you are ever in a bind!
  4. Mine is a 2000 sport with the 18" AMG wheels. They are the best bargain in the used car market if you are mechanically inclined or have a good friend who is. I wouldn't recommend them to someone who has to bring them to a dealer. They are a dream to drive! [
  5. Yes this is the old Machine Super sealant not the new. I know the new can be applied by hand! Not sure about the MSS though?
  6. I have had shoulder surgery on both shoulders in the last year. I want to apply machine super sealant to my 2000 SL500. I can not use my polisher with my shoulders. I had a hard time washing my car. Washed it one day iced my shoulders, clay bar the next day, iced my shoulders. I want to seal it but need to do it by hand. I didn't want to do it and find out I made a mistake. Thanks in advance Mark
  7. Welcome from a Brockton MA member. Where are you?
  8. I agree and I've never used VRT on any of my dashes I do believe it is too glossy although you can knock it down with a microfiber and it's not too bad but thank you
  9. I have recently acquired a very nice condition Mercedes 2000 SL500. These cars are notorious for the plastic interior parts deteriorating due to the sun making them brittle. I have already replaced a couple of the parts and I am waiting for my two sun visor mirrors to come in at a cost of $125 each. Would heavy coats of VRT help to prevent the brittleness or does anyone have any suggestions on a product to preserve these interior plastic pieces.
  10. Sorry but I have to disagree with this statement! I have a couple of thousand dollars in Adams products and the products and customer service has always been fair. I don't think "At some point the customer needs to be held accountable; not the machine, the distributor or the manufacturer" Is the type of reply Adams would post? In the day and age of warning labels on everything I would think if the product can't handle speeds higher than 4 for extended periods of time maybe they should put a warning on the pad or package? I see they have already replaced a couple of peoples pads which is what I would expect from them. Have a nice day, just my humble opinion!
  11. I have a bunch of those and mine too are linting bad.
  12. I have plenty of the old machine super sealant so that is what I'm asking about if it matters. Riding the bike I kill plenty of bugs. Can the sealant be used on the headlights to make them easier to remove or would quick sealant (I bought a few cans before it was discontinued) be a better product or I am open to suggestions. Would either work on the plastic/lexan windshields for the same reason? Thanks As you can see this is a Road Glide with the dual headlight with plastic of some sort lens.
  13. Welcome from Brockton MA, where in MA?
  14. My 2000 Screaming Eagle Road Glide was stolen 6 months ago (was original owner). I am picking up a new bike in a few months and have a question. My last bikes engine was the raw aluminum finish. Most likely the new bike is going to have the black wrinkle on the engine, transmission, and cylinders. What product to keep that looking new and can handle the heat? TIA Mark
  15. Older picture, working on it again. Winter is here!
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