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First time detailing for a customer

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Last weekend, I took my first swing at doing a car I don't make the payments on ;). They only wanted a "wash & wax" and interior cleaning, so no paint correction this time around. Overall, the car was in pretty decent shape to start, but some Adam's love proved to take it to the next level.


Products used: 

  • Red CS (to get the crud off)
  • HGG (to add a base sealant and shine)
  • BW (to add another layer or protection and shine)
  • BG (to show off! and for interior windshield)
  • APC (for wheels, tail pipes, floormats and trunk liner)
  • WC (for deep cleaning the wheels)
  • TRC (for tires)
  • TS (added two coats because the customer wanted them extra shiny!)
  • UCS (make the front fender liners disappear; rears were carpeted so didn't use it there)
  • VRT (for all trim)
  • RW 16:1 to make WW-like solution (door jams)
  • ID (over all interior surfaces to make the inside look great)
  • LIC (extra cleaning power for some interior surfaces)
  • GC (clean glass!)
  • DS (nav screen and instrument cluster)
  • LC (to treat the interior and add some nice fragrance)
  • CUC (spot cleaning where necessary)
  • ON (added fragrance)
  • Wash Pad
  • Fender Brush
  • Tire Brush
  • Wheel Woolie
  • Cockpit Brush
  • Interior Red Foam Applicator
  • Foam Block
  • Grey MF Pads
  • DSTs
  • GC Towels
  • Sidekick
  • Lots of elbow grease


Before shots:











During shots:








And now for the SHINE!












Hero Shots!


The shiniest picture was also the largest file. Coincidence?! I think NOT! B) (and yes, I later cleaned the small mud flap by the rear tire and applied TS to where the tires were missed :))...









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Thanks, all! Yes, they seemed really happy. I've never cleaned a red car, and layering HGG, BW and BG felt like cheating. Best compliment the owner gave was, "It looks better than the day we bought it!" Mission accomplished! Also had a neighbor express serious interest in me detailing her car(s), so I may be on to something...


Oz...took me about half a day. About half and half interior and exterior.


PS. Forgot, I also used the Grey Plush towels and Red Hex Grip Applicator.

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