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  1. Bump. Just have the porter cable. No pads. 120$ takes it
  2. Brand New in box never used. Just had a kid and sold my truck so have no need for two polishers. Have some chemicals that can go with it. Text 325-725-3672 for any info and prices
  3. How good is strip wash on stuck on bugs? In the video it showed to be amazing. And does anyone know what it smells like?
  4. I would suggest buying a couple buckets with grit guards as I did not see them in your list of items bought. As far as procedures do a search on here and you'll find a ton of procedures. Their is also a PDF file of a procedure from start to finish. It is older but it is still the same concept. I will try and find it and post it here
  5. Everything is brand new except the buttery wax but it is pretty much full. Wanting to trade for: Car Shampoo, All Purpose Cleaner, Detail Spray or any towels or accessories. I do not want any of this to go to waste so I need to get rid of it.
  6. Light dust could probably just get away with a detail spray wipe down. Since you just did everything two weeks ago I would skip the glaze unless you just want extra shine which you should be maxed out almost with the products you have already used. Anymore than light dust you may step up to waterless or rinse less wash.
  7. Also have the Leather Interior Cleanerr to go with it as well
  8. Anyone have anything they want to trade?? Both unopened. Open to any offers
  9. The video said now available on the website but it's not on the website?? Are their any other new products coming with it that anyone has heard of??
  10. Adam's does make it look easy. Very easy. Until you go to correct your vehicle with a polisher in your hands for the very first time and bam! Reality check it is more work than you would ever think being a noob to paint correcting. It is 100% not Adams fault. He's just showing techniques and how to use a polisher with his polishes. Like everybody else said their is to many variables between vehicles. It can be easy or a week long job. If you want absolute perfect get your magic wand and wish for it or just shut up and work for it
  11. Needs to hurry up and get announced! Just seen it on Instagram also
  12. What all does paint sealant do? I know it protects but I guess in more detail what does it do
  13. I hope 2 coats don't hurt cause that's what I did! Shine is worth it though!
  14. I washed my truck this morning and then it was in the 90's all day so I wait till about 7 o'clock to apply paint sealant. We had storms all around but didn't look liked they would hit us. About half way through sealing my truck it starts raining. The longest the sealant was on was about 30 minutes on the hood where I started. I can tell it is working because it is beading off but should I reapply the whole truck or just take off where I got shut down?
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