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  1. Thanks, I coated it with petroleum jelly to soften, and will attempt to remove next time I am over there.
  2. Looking for paste wax, and interior detailer (Gallon Ideally) International, Valentines day, and Cars and Coffee have seperated., more for collectors
  3. My father in his C6 corvette drove over wet road paint, yellow, if it matters. Any products that Adams makes that will remove it? Thanks, Tom M
  4. Guess they did have a party and i missed it.
  5. I did watch them unload their transporter today about 5.
  6. Adams was closed today on the fairgrounds, think they will honor the new sale?
  7. Rich, I hope so, we are having flood warnings up here already.
  8. I assume if there is some dust on it, it is ok to use DS to clean it before applying BG.
  9. Ok, now what if I put some Patriot wax on this weekend, will that change any recommendations? Thanks
  10. Ok, For corvettes at Carlisle, My car isnt outside much "garage Queen", it is only outside about 8-16 hrs a week, Buttery Wax omly wax on it after polishing, If I wash it down there what do you suggest for a drying/shine aid? I usually use just D.S. but have Slick and Slide, H2O G&G, and Graphene DS, or is there something else to use that will pop better? And what to use the second day to remove the dew on the car? Thanks, Tom M
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