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  1. Hi Ray. I didn’t think about that, thank you and corrected. I will definitely have to check out the Adam’s leather conditioner.
  2. Thanks Rich! I already have some 😀
  3. Good morning. Although I’ve been detailing cars for 25-ish years, I’m still a weekend warrior. I’ve always kept my vehicles in very good condition but I decided to take yesterday and today off work and put some time into my truck. Yesterday I spent 10 1/2 hours prepping and today 5 hours applying Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating and wrapping up other little details. Products used: Leather conditioner Adams Strip Wash Adams large wheel woolie ... DA polisher Adams white polish with white foam pad Adams blue compound with blue pad Adams Detai
  4. Just wanted introduce myself. I'm Derek and I'm a weekend warrior when it comes to detailing. I've been detailing for 25 years but never made it a business. Over the years I've used many products including Meguiars and Pinnacle but started using Adams November of '19 and have been very impressed with their products, customer service/ support, and fan base ever since. There is a ton of great information on this site and I look forward to learning more as things continually evolve. Thank you.
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