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  1. The topic says it all -- what do you recommend I use on exterior vinyl? I just installed a hard-rolling tonneau cover on my Raptor (Bakflip Revolver X4s), it's vinyl-covered aluminum, and I want to find something to protect it with to keep it supple and protect it from the harsh UV we get here in Colorado.
  2. Last week I picked up this 2018 F150 Raptor. It's pretty high miles (89k) and has a few issues (needs tires, has some paint chips and swirl marks), but I got it for below current trade-in value. (Prices on Raptors are in-freaking-sane right now). I've got some touch-up paint on order for the paint chips, so for the time being I did a quick wheel wash, then tried out the new Foam/Seal system. It worked out pretty well, except that I definitely need to get a truck brush or something similar to get the roof and windshield -- I've never owned a vehicle this big before. Even with the truck step I couldn't reach the middle of the roof or the windshield. In the Colorado sun I wasn't able to dry the entirety of the Seal 02 off before it dried in place, so I went ahead and went over the whole truck with a coat of Graphene DS. and then hit the tires with some Graphene tire dressing. Here's the final result:
  3. I assume you can also use the strip wash as a lube for a clay mitt? I recall a couple weeks ago they did a video where they were washing and using the wash bucket soap as lube for the clay mitt.
  4. On the very first order I placed with Adam's, they sent me out one too few spray bottle tops. So I contacted customer service -- the next day they sent me three new tops. Last week I ordered a microfiber wash mitt, and they sent me a wheel wash mitt by mistake. So I contacted customer service -- the next day they sent me the microfiber wash mitt I ordered and said, "Keep the wheel wash mitt, you'll need it sometime!" Adam's may not always get things right the first time, but their customer service people always make it right, and fast!
  5. You're not the only one... my wife will be VERY happy to have her car smelling like Pumpkin Spice for the next few months...
  6. So I'm doing the interior of my wife's Acadia today, pulled out the floormats to clean those, and there's dog hair ALL over the carpets. I've tried vacuuming, and that doesn't work. Tried an interior brush, and that doesn't seem to work, the stuff just STICKS to the carpet like glue. To make it worse, we've got a blonde dog and she's got black interior carpets. Oh, and did I mention that after I vacuumed the floor mats and got ready to put them back into the car, they were covered from ash from the wildfires up by Fort Collins?
  7. I used Tire & Rubber cleaner on mine and it worked quite well.
  8. I saw in one of the videos that the tire & rubber cleaner is supposed to work really well in either a foam cannon or foaming sprayer. In those cases, say for wheel wells or engine bays, should I use the product straight-up, or diluted?
  9. Why yes, yes I did. This past week, we (me, the wife, and our 8 year old) did a family vacation in the mountains near Telluride/Ouray/Silverton/Durango. One of the things my wife REALLY wanted to do was visit the bridal veil falls near Telluride, and while we DID make it there, her Acadia All-Terrain bottomed out at least twice on the way there and back, and the stabilitrak & ABS systems went haywire. Given that she wants to do a lot more off-roading, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to talk her into it. I'm just waiting to see what the new Raptor has in store (and I've got to wait until my restricted shares vest).
  10. Well, we've got 3 vehicles now, a 2011 Hyundai Elantra (but the sun has NOT been nice to it -- the clear is starting to peel off in places), a 2013 Chevy Equinox, and a 2018 GMC Acadia. I've got some stock coming in in a few months, and I'm giving a real hard look to the new F150 Raptor when it comes out.
  11. Hey everyone, New guy here -- I'm living just north of Denver. I've driven past the big Adam's Polishes sign/shop off I-25 dozens of times, but I haven't yet tried the products. After reading lots of reviews and realizing that there's nothing better than having local support, I went ahead, dove in, and placed my first order (I found a 20% off coupon code online). I'm looking forward to getting my cars looking shiny and new again. I'm sure I'll have lots and lots of questions, and I fully expect a number of trips down to the store in Thornton. Glad to be here!
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