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It's here!!

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I really want to tell you guys what it smells like. Both the wife and I were smelling it and knew it smelled familiar, but just couldn't say what it was. When Adam told us, it was one of those duh moments. I want to see if you guys and gals can figure out what it is.

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What is the effectiveness of using the new green with the porter cable? Does it bring it closer to the Flex capabilities?


Great question Ken, and indeed, the new Severe Swirl and Green pad is effective with the Porter Cable.


Accomplishing a perfect finish with the Flex will take one pass through with the 3 polishes/ pads. It will realistically take 2 or more rounds (Green, Orange, then White Pad) to accomplish 80% of what can be expected with one round with the Flex system.


Perfection is achievable with the Flex, as the rotation required to remove imperfections is happening. The Porter Cable is safer, but clearly cuts less, and doesn't have the forced rotation to easily create a flawless finish.



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Plus, once you get comfortable with it, the Flex is a heck of a lot of fun to work with :D


Just need to be a little more careful and take a little more time learning with it. The Flex for many PC users will be the same the PC was for them in the beginning - intimidating. Once you get your hands on one and use it a little, you start to refine the approach it becomes one of those tools you wondered how you didn't get sooner. We'll be demoing them at all our clinics from here on out, side by side with the PC. If you're local to one definitely come out, the best way to learn is to get your hands on one and have someone coach you thru it the first time out.

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I can't wait to throw the flex pads on the rotary with the mean green and see what transpires, muwhahahahahahahaha!!!


I hear ya Sundog,I ordered up the FLEXPK (Flex Pads green,orange,white) as well.Can't wait to try it with the 3401 and the 3403 :cheers:

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I got my hands on the new Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary at SEMA... lets just say my old Dewalt that rarely sees the light of day will be gone and I'll be getting one of these!!




That is the cat's MEOW:drool:.With the lower RPM's (600) offered with this unit,you can apply your LSP's as well.

I'm with you on that Dylan,there will be one in my hands as well:cheers:

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