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I am in the process of starting my winter detail. There are a couple of areas that I am not pleased with and not to my liking and am trying to find the best course of action to get them fixed. Mostly on the horizontal flat areas.


I know , I know the wheel wells are dirty, this was after 4 days of rain and I didn't have a chance to wash her up just wanted to take some picture when the sun was out.


She is in the garage now and awaiting her winter treatment.


This ought to be fun.


Hopefully I will have some clear left when I get done. LOL


I will try and take some pictures of the areas I don't like and the process that I go through, maybe I can get this thing figured out, ha, ha.


The only other mod I have left is the GM Dovetail Spoliler just waiting for GM to release it.


I have done some power mods, headers, CAI, cam etc... and I am pushing around 450 rwhp, so not too bad for a cam swap. I 'll post some pictures when I do the engine.

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ONE SWEET RIDE! My wife even like the new Camaros and she's the kind that doesn't spend money on things you don't need. If we didn't have two small kiddos I could see her driving one of these.


I'm curious as to what part of Alabama you're in?



I live in Oxford. Once I saw they were going to produce this car I started saving my pennies and luckily had enough when it arrived.


Funny little story is that I was actually on my way to buy a 1969 Camaro in 2006. I stopped by the gas station to get a coke and noticed a car mag and it had something about the return of the Camaro. So I waited until the following Monday, called GM and the rest is history.


I really like this car, she is a garage queen. I have had it since7-1-09 and only have 7800 miles on it, but those 7800 have been great so far.

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