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Small Flex Option Problem



My problem is im turning my brother from Zaino to Adam's but he already has a Flex and i see no option like we had in the past to not add the machine and be able to order all the pads, backing plate if needed, swirl and haze remover, polish and machine wax.


This was his last email to me.


""I need the swirl remover and pads, but also a normal wax/polish that I can put on with the flex after the paint is good. Something for a daily driver and maybe something a little better for the Vette.


I need a new claybar but have a few new microfibers still. Can't hurt to have extras. Definitely need leather cleaner, conditioner, and tire gloss. The MKX has chrome wheels, not sure what to use on those either.



Id like to be able to get the flex kit with out the Flex machine.

I know he will use machine wax on his MKX (just bought it for his wife) and I already have him talked into Americana for the Vette.


Adam? Dylan? can i get it that way or have to piece it together one by one?





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Would like to add that it's not advised to apply the wax with the Flex. Use the PC with MSW or Americana by hand.


Ashley or Dylan can hook you up.


Remember, if all else fails... Call... They're SUPER easy to talk to.



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I hate you!:jester:


Then your really going to hate me this weekend :)


Heading back again. Squaw give Military free lift tickets and 1/2 off rentals.

It cost me $24 for all day for everything.


I need to get my own stuff. Maybe santa will be nice to me this YR LOL


Talked to Ashley and my brother is going to call her now.


Thanks Ashley.








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