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Hello from rainy Portland, Oregon, USA!


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Greetings fellow car people! My name is Barry, and I got into detailing when I joined a Mustang club. Since my Mustang is a daily driver, I would just take it through the car wash on the way to a show (oh the blaspheme!).


Early this year my wife, all on her own, tracked down a 2001 Mustang GT Special Edition Bullitt with only 7000 miles on it. A true show car. Together we learned car care. In the early days I would just get some wax from the auto parts store and slap it on. Today I am a complete Adams convert.


At a car show we purchased a big Adams kit and the Adams rep gave us a CD. We have been Adams fans ever since, and have converted many friends and club members from Mag and Turtle products over to Adams.


My wife and I hope to learn new "tricks" here on the forum, and look forward to a great 2009 car show season after it stops raining here in Portland, Oregon, about July 5th...

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Hey Barry- a fellow Portlander here. How do you like all the snow today? Yikes!


I'd love to see your Bullitt Mustang. I've got an '03 SVT Cobra. Welcome to Adam's Forums! Great to meet another Mustang / Adams / Detail nut in Portland.


Jim B


PS- Let's see some pictures of your Mustang! :rockon:

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