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My next specimen...



my pal's 71 Chevelle!

he marvels at "my work" and wants me to do his chevelle.

i cant wait!

heres some pics from work this AM.


What better way to celebrate Earf Day... with a V8! (or two!)

When i unleash the Adams love on his baby, i'll post pics!!!!!!!



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These aren't mine, but just like what I had. Loved the blue. The 69 was a 396 and the 72 was a 454 with cowl induction.







before GM realized the internal and FAN-legion camaro FEVER for the rebirth.... the car was almost a "new" chevelle!!! however, what i saw of the design... Errrhhh.

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Im a sucker for a classic! Such a sweet car!


i KNOW. cant wait to PC and doll up my monte...

yeah man, this AM... i almost peed when he parked her next to me!

she hasnt been out in a while!


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