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For anyone questioning Metal Polish #1's abilities...



My brother's truck has aftermarket aluminum rims that had not been polished in who knows how long. They had such heavy oxidation that even after a thorough cleaning with APC they still look dirty. In the videos, Adam himself says that the Metal Polish isn't designed for nasty, thrashed wheels, but rather ones in decent shape, and that same thing has been echoed by Dylan on here. I figured I'd give it a shot at these anyway. I knew hand polishing wasn't going to cut it so I broke out the drill and my oldest orange 4" pad. For anyone that wants to try this themselves, just know that you're going to ruin the pad. I didn't want to spend much time on the wheels tonight but just gave each one a quick pass to see what the polish could do. On a nice day we'll jack the truck up, take the wheels off, and polish them properly without having to worry about the lugs or center cap being in the way. Anyway, instead of rambling on, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


Here's what the wheels looked like before. Heavy oxidation marks, and absolutely no luster. Note that this is after being washed and scrubbed with APC.





Here's some during shots:




Is that a gray 4" pad?



Nope. Just a really dirty orange one.



Finally, the results. The difference just one pass made is amazing. You can see the contrast in around the lug nuts where I didn't polish yet.




This is as clean as I could get the pad afterwards. It's now a dedicated metal polishing pad.



In conclusion... Adam, you lied in your video. The Metal Polish does work on nasty, thrashed wheels. :rockon: Now I have to get some Metal Polish #2 so that once I get them all decent, I can bring out that extra pop. :glasses:

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Well it's almost a month later but I finally convinced my brother to finish his wheels. He jacked his truck and took the wheels off, and then we got to work. Here's a reminder of what we were starting with:





He attacked the holes with a power cone while I attacked everything else with Adam's focus pads on a drill. Here's an in progress pic:




After everything was machine polished with MP#1, I went over everything again with MP#1 by hand with a MF applicator. I then repeated this with MP#2. Once that was done, I applied a coat of Machine Super Wax by hand to seal the wheels and help protect them in the future. Here's the results back on the truck:







I was able to get a little more use out of the orange pad I used the first time, but it eventually died along with two white pads. A moment of silence for the fearless soldiers that did what no pad should be asked to do:




I'm guessing Adam's guarantee wasn't expecting this kind of abuse. :jester:




In the end, the wheels are 110% better than when we started. My brother is definitely excited to finally have wheels that shine. To be completely honest, I didn't see that much difference from the Metal Polish #2 compared to just MP#1, but I think that's just because of the condition of the wheels. We spent all afternoon on them today and they aren't perfect, but there was so much oxidation and pitting that I don't think they ever will be flawless. However, I don't think they would have come out anywhere near as good as they did without Adam's products. Thanks again Adam for making this possible. :thumbsup:

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Great turn out but I would suggest a cheap x brand wheel pad cleaner such as a power ball or the meguiars yellow one. I know its not Adams but it does the same thing and made for wheels unlike the pads. Those things get a little expensive just for rims sake. That's my opinion though.


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Great turn out but I would suggest a cheap x brand wheel pad cleaner such as a power ball or the meguiars yellow one. I know its not Adams but it does the same thing and made for wheels unlike the pads. Those things get a little expensive just for rims sake. That's my opinion though.


My brother had tried the PowerBall in the past and it just wasn't effective on these wheels. He bought a PowerCone thinking it might be better, and that's what we first tried last month. We ended up ruining it with the amount of force needed for it to be somewhat effective. That's when I broke out my Adam's pads. The before pictures don't really do justice of how badly oxidized these rims were, but I knew I was going to need a lot of pressure to get results. Without too much effort, the focus pads really cleaned up the wheels as shown in my initial post of this thread. There was still a long way to go to make them presentable though, which was what today was about. To go the rest of the way would take a little more effort and it took us most of the afternoon. My brother bought a second PowerCone for today, but this time he used it only in the holes. He attacked them while I went after everything else with the focus pads on a second drill. I knew whatever I was going to use would end up destroyed, but at $12 for a two pack of focus pads versus $20-$25 for a PowerBall or PowerCone, it's actually cheaper with the Adam's stuff and I got better results. If the 4" pads fit, we would've used them in the holes too. I'm sure maintaining the wheels now it would make more sense to use the ball or cone, but for what we had to do they just weren't good enough. (For the record, I used old focus pads so I wasn't too bothered about ruining them.)

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Wow looks great!


I did the wheels on the wife's enclave (chrome) today and used the Powercone. It works very well to get in the corners of the spokes. Of course I used Adams metal polish with it. I just used #2 and it worked great. Put a coat of MSW on them and bam! Good to go.



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What is this power cone you speak of? Does Adam's sell said "power cone?"


Ah, I found said tool... looks like something to consider for my arsenal. Might work well on my exhaust tips. I can't wait to get my Adam's metal polishes to get after those.

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Nice job Len. That right there has cleared any doubts I had about the metal polish.


I kept thinking I was gonna need something more aggressive to attack these wheels which is partly why we kept putting off doing it. Finally today after a quick wash I figured I'd give it a shot with the Adam's Metal Polish. At first I tried some Moms aluminum polish that we had sitting around because I didn't want to break out the good stuff until the wheels were in better condition. Long story short, the Moms wasn't doing anything and is now at the bottom of the trash can where it belongs. The Adam's instantly made a difference and now I can't wait to get the wheels off of the truck and finish them up properly. I got all four wheels from the condition in the first pics to the last pics in about 30-45 minutes total. It was that easy. :rockon:

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When you are done he might want to get some new lug nuts to finish the "new" look.


Yeah, they are kinda rusty looking. They're as old as the rims, which both came off his '94 Suburban (that he had bought used) so we have no idea how old they actually are. Don't worry though, the truck is a work in progress. Just waiting to introduce it to the Flex and PC.


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Nice work... and a moment of silence for that brave orange pad which sacrificed itself in the line of duty.


It's funny, I'd been thinking that same thing and even thought of posting it before you did. It's scary how much we think alike sometimes. :lolsmack:

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