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Taking on some evil bugs



We took a trip last weekend and the love bugs found us :(. Upon our arrival at the hotel I cleaned them off with Waterless Car Wash and the WCW towel. It didn't look great, but the 'evil' bugs (the acid in their bodies will eat through the clearcoat if left for too long) were gone. Luckily on the trip home we hit rain twice and that cut down on the number of bugs we met.

Today was the first chance I had to clean the car again and decided to try a different routine to remove the few love bugs that were on the car.


Our heros - Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush and Adam's Car Wash Shampoo pre-mixed in foaming sprayer



The villains:



up close



First I hosed off the car and used a strong stream on the bugs. Next I foamed the bugs:



After letting it set for a few minutes I attacked with the brush



And after some minimal brushing they have been vanquished!



All hail the conquering heros!



This method worked well and did not take long. By using Adam's pH neutral car wash, the MSW is still there to protect the paint.

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Well I started this thread by cleaning off a few love bugs from my wife's car, but after cleaning those bugs, I wished I had a better test area. Well my son granted my wish for me.


Here is what we are dealing with: the dreaded love bug



In this picture the white splatter at the top is a new bug. The spots below it are voids in the paint where the previous owner did not clean off the love bugs and they ate through the clear coat.



The front



and some closeups




I soaked the bugs with foamed Adam's Car Wash, let it dwell for 5 minutes, rinsed with a strong spray, then foamed the area again.



Here are some bugs on the windshield trim:






Cleaning with the Lug Nut Brush



Trim cleaned



Same technique on the front bumper and side mirrors.

No more bugs and the protection is still there!

(FYI the black spots left on the bumper are scratches not bugs)




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yeah but exterior, meaning paint, not wheels? I've used it on the lugs already, and the wheels itself..


It is safe for paint (if it's clean) according to Dylan and Mario:




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do you use the same brush on your wheels?

Yes. I didn't use it on this car, as the wheels were not that dirty and the Boar's Hair Wheel Brush will get inside the lugs well enough.


I rinsed out the brush often when I was cleaning (there were lots of other bugs, but I didn't take pictures of them). Had I used it on the wheels, I would have cleaned the brush with with APC and rinsed it very feel before using it on the paint.

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