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First Wax with Adams



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Hey Nate,


Looks really great...

Maybe you need to do something a little bigger like a Chevy truck ????

It is Silver and Chevrolet...


You beat me to the punch on getting a machine, so how do you like it ?

I assume you got the Porter Cable 7424xp kit....

I am still on the edge on it and a couple other machines...


So would like to hear how you like you new machine...

and what about the products or better yet see the results..



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Hey Michael, I really am impressed with the power and consisitant even distribution of the PC. I have a Waxmaster that I got years ago, it still works, but this isn't even a fair comparison. The Porter Cable wins hands down. Having experience in detailing is also a big plus. I think I will get the 4" attachment for it too. I waxed it yesterday, drove today and got a thin layer of dust on my car, I took some detailing spray to it and it looks good as new again. I think I will have to get the gallon refill jug now.

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