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My Latest Victim

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First of all, thanks for all the comments. Now for the write up.


This car belongs to my neighbors (Infiniti owner I did last week) mother. Her husband had always kept the cars clean. He passed away in Dec '09. I know he didn't use Adam's but from what I hear he was very meticulous. Since he passed this poor Mazda had only been through the drive through car wash. She assured her daughter (my neighbor) she always did the $10 wash.


Steps used:

Tires and Wheels w/ APC & GWC

Washed under the hood (sorry no pics)

2 bucket Adam's Wash (there was no wax on this Mazda!)

Dried w/DS & GWDT

Clayed w/ Adam's Detail Clay using DS as lubricant

Vacuumed the interior

Used L&IC on all the vinyl

L&I Conditioner on the vinyl

C&UC on seat stain and a few carpet stains

That was Wednesday afternoon 5 hours


Thursday started at 8am

SHR (orange pad w/PC)

FMP (white pad w/PC)

MSW (gray pad w/PC)

Door jams with DS and WW towel

GC on the windows

SVRT tires and roof rack

SVRT & I&O Spray on the engine

UCS in the wheel wells

Finished up at 5pm but I also made 2 trips to the mechanic about a mile down the road to have the wife's TB ac charged.


I wasn't there when the car was delivered but my neighbor said the first thing her mom said was "Your dad would be so proud."


The package she purchased includes another exterior wash and a coat of BG and APW in about 2-3 weeks. This is how I get around having to wait 24 hours for the MSW to cure.


By the way the seat stain was coffee.

I have no idea what was on the left front fender but the clay pretty much took care of it.




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