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SVRT Storing Temps



Should this product be stored at a cool temp and away from high temps and humidity?


i bought some about 2 years ago, and had it in the car one afternoon with me cause i was taking it to a friends, and in chicago it hits 90s easily with a humid day. well by the time i got home that evening i noticed my bottle of SVRT had litterally went liquid. it was super watery, no consistancy(sp) to it at all. Then it just stayed that way, didnt solidify back up at all.


Just wondering if i need to keep this stuff in my A/Cd office and not in the shop so i dont run into this problem again.



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Quote from the Chief!:thumbsup:


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Great Question! Chemicals HATE temperature change. It's as important to avoid storing chemicals in a hot garage as it is to store them in a freezing cold garage.


You will see chemicals separate, get watery, or clumpy after getting too hot or cold.


What is officially too hot, or too cold? Below 50 degrees, and above 90 are temps that can cause the emulsions, blends, and surfactants to change. Once that temp changes, the chemical will not work the same, it may not mix together, and most always the color will change.


Detail Spray - Dark Red

VRT - Clear, and watery

Buttery Wax - clumpy, like rotten milk


Etc etc etc.


Thanks for the question, and if possible, take all of your chemicals that you care about, and put them away for the winter if you live in a cold climate.


Adam :thumbsup:

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I tend to bring all the "thicker" products indoors, such as polishes/waxes including SVRT, MSW, FMP etc. The other cleaners such as DS, GWC and APC I store in garage. Haven't noticed any problems over the year, but I will likely move more indoors during the hot Florida summer...

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Are you sure you have SVRT and not just regular VRT... SVRT wasn't out 2 years ago. If memory serves correctly it was released for sale around Fathers Day 2010 so its just now over a year into being around.


If you have old VRT (which it probably is) take what you have left, cut it with water 50% and use it as a spray dressing. Works great, just won't be water proof.

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