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Sneak Peak of what's ahead for me!


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So I stayed home today because I wasn't feeling so good and I get a call from a local performance shop that did all the work on my car. The owner says I have a big job for you and wanted me come down and take a look.


When I get there, there was a red shelby replica parked in the front of the building along with some other performance cars and trucks. Since I've done plenty of details on replicas, it wasn't anything new. I walk in the shop lobby and the owner greets me and made small talk for a few minutes to catch up on things.


I then asked him if it was the Shelby he wanted to be worked on. He said yes. Ok so now I know what to do. He told me what the actual owner of the car wanted done and then gave him his quote. So he takes me to the Shelby but not to the one that was up in the front that I saw when approaching the building.


So now Im a bit confused. So I follow him into the shop and I couldn't believe my eyes. The Shelby he wants me detail. One of the sexiest cars I've ever seen in person. Its a car most are familiar with. '67 Shelby mustang from "Gone in Sixty Seconds".


Here's a quick photo I got off the internet for those who don't know what it looks like. I ran to my truck to get my camera but I guess I left it at home. I will be using all Adams on this detail. Wont be touching the car for a few days until they get it on the lift. Then its show time. :)








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Wow thats Awesome!


You have a lot of work ahead of you, wasnt that car destroyed at the end of the Movie? Its going to take a lot more than a PC to get it looking good:jester::lolsmack::lolsmack:


They had more than one car for that movie. This is the one that wasn't destroyed.

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Wow dude awesome chance here:2thumbs: i absolutely despise ford but that is a beauty id drive and most likely the only one, if it was free:jester:


Yea its a pretty car in person. Wasn't afraid to sit in it either. Almost got to drive it home.

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anybody else singing this song right now?


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They'll turn the lights way down low

Maybe we won't watch the show


I think I love you, Elenore, love me

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