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Stubborn water spots on glass.



My work vehicles always prove to be a challenge when it comes to keeping them clean. I've only had this one for a few days and despite a full Adam's treatment on the paint, I had been unable to remove these water spots on the glass (it's painfully obvious that no one else on the force gives two craps about their cars):




Tonight I tried the old white vinegar + newspaper trick:




And the results? Didn't work!! :mad:




So then I got this brilliant idea... I have SHR and a PC... it's made my paint perfect so why not give it a go on the glass? I've got nothing to lose right?




And as you can see from the pic below, it worked. I should have just stuck with my Adam's products in the first place.



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Claying the window and SHR is the best thing to remove water spots!


To be honest I've had such success with clay that I was surprised just using it didn't remove the spots. The windows were actually clayed before and after the white vinegar treatment...


At least I shouldn't have to worry about the glass for awhile now that it's been sealed. :)

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