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Darn it.....scratched hood



Hadn't washed vette in 2 weeks and had bugs on front. Decided to wash tonight. After washed and dried noticed a few spots on hood plus a few

bug marks still on front. Decided to use Revive which removed bugs and spots. Then due to portions of black Vette looking darker where had just used Revive decided to Revive total hood and front bumper. Afterwards inspection revealed all was okay. Then decided to apply BSG to hood and front bumper over the Revive. Did so..... afterwards, oops ! Noticed one 12" long and three 3" long scratches. Have no idea how these happened but they did. Used Americana applicator which looked clean. Sure it was in the BSG application that something went wrong as the large scratch matches my application route. Nothing wrong with the Adams products, just must have encounterred some foreign object that said "gotcha" !


The irony is that on my explorer with 180,000 miles that I recently gave to a needy family, and my Lexus with 110,000 miles, both of which I experiment on and am not as meticulous with as the Vette, I have no

problems. And both of these cars look fantastic ! Yet with the Vette there is always a hurdle to overcome. Like Rich said, " black cars are a full time occupation"....especially with 121,000 miles !!


At least with Adams products I still have a chance !!! We will win :banana:

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Ah man, I feel ya. My mom's '10 Honda Pilot (52K miles) which is regularly abused and sees no love (except for the occasional touchless wash) has less scratches then my dad's 09 GT/CS which only has 9K miles on it and sits in the garage untouched 3-5 days a week.

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Everytime you touch your car, regardless of what type of wash mitt or product applicator, you potentially run the risk of scratching it. I've had bugs, flying cotton and even stray dust particles end up on my applicators. I always examine it before I do the next panel.


This is why newer cars that never get washed or waxed, come off in better shape after a detail than a car that is pampered. Eventually though, with the attack of dirt, salt and penetrating sun, the car that is neglected will deteriorate more quickly than the pampered car.


I would love a "touchless" spray on, spray off wash that isn't called battery acid.;)

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