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Three years ago today...

Captain Slow

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I've been blessed in my life with great family, friends and employment but something was missing. My wife and I tried and tried and tried and prayed for children and gave ourselves a deadline of Christmas 1997. If no babies by then we were going to get ourselves a crotch rocket for her and a Triumph for me. One evening in November 2007 my wife approached me with an ultrasound pic that looked like a space alien (two dark spots in a field of white.) She said "congratulations Papa, we're having twins." I doubted her until our first visit together with the OB/GYN. We then had a very rough 8.5 months including 2 hospital stays and months of bedrest (for her, not me.) The resulting blessings are Caitlyn and Abigail. Our lives are now complete and full. I thank God everyday for these two and their Mama.:)


Please wish my girls a Happy 3rd Birthday.


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