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Best way to take care of these marks on the interior.



Brand new Honda CR-V for the wife - noticed these after I got it home from the dealer, careless prep guys.


SVRT made this nearly unnoticeable from most angles. I sent pic to the dealer and they said they would fix it - but I think the fix may make it worse and you know they will not replace the dash pad - which would cause more damage to the interior anyway I am sure.


This I tried leather and interior cleaner and lots of rubbing but it did nothing. SVRT made it look a little better. Dealer again said they would "fix" it. I am thinking maybe try some APC? Hard to say if it is a shoe scuff of if the color was actually removed from the plastic.


Neither of these are a big deal but irritating on a 3 hour old car that just came off the truck the day before that. I know it did not leave the factory like this.

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It's a brand new car. I'd make the dealer fix them right.



I agree but I think the only way to actually fix the mark on the dash pad would be to replace it. I am 100% positive they will scratch up other parts of the interior plus cause all kinds of rattles by doing that.


It is the kind of area that will get marks anyway over time but still is irritating on a 30k mini-ute.

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