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Hiiiiiiiiiiii Everyone! :)


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Hiii All,

I'm Praz. Total detailing novice checking in!!! I'm new & still learning the art of detailing!! Came across Junkmans videos online and became a FAN :banana:


So much wisdom and knowledge on this forum i just had to sign up :)





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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :) Yeah i have a lot to learn so i'll be getting into all those videos available here to get started :)


Praz, welcome from yesterday!

There are few Adam's dealers down you end of the world. Contact them and give these great, easy to use products a try.


Thanks, I have actually tried to find some local suppliers of Adams gear but i have not had any success yet! Maybe i have been looking in all the wrong places, will defiantly try to find someone here! :)


Welcome to the forum Praz. There are even more videos and articles in The Junkman's Corner. Check them out. :thumbsup:


Thanks mate, yeah that was the first place i went when i signed up LOL :) Awesome stuff mate :2thumbs:



What kind of Vehicle's will you be detailing from the land down under?


I'll be using my company Van (2005 Toyota Hiace - white in colour) to learn / practice on! This van has been neglected over the year by previous drivers.


I also have a black 2008 Toyota Yaris Sedan which i will attempt once i build my confidence up a little :)

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