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Do something special today...


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Hey fellow Adamaddicts, take a look at this link, if you are in the position to help put a smile on the faces of some kids with challenges most of us can't even imagine dealing with on a daily basis, please do so.




So, if you can find a minute, visit the other link Adam has available, one can see the joy we will help to provide. Not only for these kids themselve but the parents who get to see their children truely enjoying life and in many cases finding lifelong friends.


I get it, $50.00 WOW that's alot of mulah!!!


To make this easier, I would like to ease things a little bit to pull the trigger on this most generous gift you will be giving.


Take a minute, read the entire post, there are some sweet goodies tossed in.


What a fantastic country we live!!!


Those that have already decided to help create these priceless memories...


THANK YOU!!! :thumbsup:

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Thanks Rich, but I can't do it alone. With a bit of assistance from our friends here we will help Adam reach his goal!!!


Its a great start so far!!! Thanks everyone. You guys rock!!!!!!:cheers:

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Curtis it is great to hear about the nice people in this world like you instead of all the crap on TV. Thank you for your generosity. It is great to associate with good people like you and Adam thru Adams Polishes.

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Thanks my friend


This is like Christmas in July for me. Seeing how many kind and caring shine freaks, like me, are here and willing to put the desires of those that are truely in need of one special week building priceless memories, just amazes me.


I certainly realize not everyone is in the position to cough up anything extra, those that are able and chose this selfless act, remember yes...YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING SPECIAL TODAY!


IF 50.00 is a bit steep, 25.00 or even 10.00 is a special gift. It's a great cause for some really neat kids.


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