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White 04 Ram 2500

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I think white is as much of a PITA as black. It's hard to tell when the product flashes.


The steps:

tires and wheels with APC & GWC

2 bucket wash

clay with DS

SHR with Flex

FMP with PC

MSS with PC



SVRT on tires and trim


These pics were after the tires and wheels but before the 2 bucket wash.



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Great job! Couldnt help but notice that the driver side mirror on the first picture is different than the rest?!


The driver side mirror is extended for when your towing a trailer. It helps to be able to see behind you when you do this. I had it on a work truck I used to drive.

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Thats the exact truck I want. If you sell it let me know. I see its well taken care of


Paul, sorry but it's not my truck. It belongs to one of my customers. I'll let him know. And yes it is well taken care of. If I can just convince him he needs to be doing a 2 bucket wash. After all he just paid me to do a full paint correction on it. Now he's just swirling it up again.

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