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1960 Corvette paint



My dad has owned his 60' vette for many years and never washes it since its stays inside. just alot of dust wiping of with his california duster... :mad:


theres alot of scratches, and swirls on this car. Hes almost done restoring the car to matching numbers. We just finished the motor over winter and that has all matching production numbers, as hes trying to get a bloomington gold certified restore.


I wanted to spiff up the paint a bit for him. All the chrome i know i can hit with the MP but im questioning the paint. Is this cars paint safe for PC? Its a 1 stage paint ontop of fiberglass... ( from what my dad said, Roman Red Corvette color code). Thanks yal!


few pics... lol




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You'll be fine. Just remember that because it is a single stage paint with no clear coat, you'll get some color transfer onto your pads. Don't panic.


Good luck and post up some before and afters!

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