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First order for new car



EDIT: Thanks to help below, I finally placed an order, listed in post #17


Preparing my first order of Adam's Polishes products for my new 2012 Mustang in Kona Blue Metallic. This will be my 2nd new car I've purchased. Unlike my first new car, a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT Silver back when I was 21, this Mustang needs to be treated right.


So here's my selection for a well rounded outside care, starting with 2-bucket wash with caddies, detail spray, hand polish, clay bar, hand glaze, and Americana Wax. Complete with 2 wash pads, 2 drying towels and fire hose nozzle.


1 - Bucket Kit:

Two Buckets,

Grit Guards


Connecting Plate


2 - Car Wash Trio:

16oz Shampoo

Microfiber Drying Towel

Car Wash Pad


3 - Car Wash Trio (2nd Trio for double the pad and towel):

16oz Shampoo

Microfiber Drying Towel

Car Wash Pad


4 - Premium Shine Kit:

Brilliant Glaze 16oz

Americana Car Wax

Double Soft Microfiber Towel

Two Hex Grip Wax Applicators


6 - Detail Clay and Spray kit:

Detail Spray

Detail Clay Bar


7 - Loose Ends:

Fire hose car wash nozzle (Save cost on Valve? $15 more)


Total about $365 before coupon


Instead of just ordering the 2-Bucket Wash Kit as planned, I did a round-about method of kits to purchase the bucket kit with caddies and connect plate. I think I save $40+ this way, but I end up with two 16oz of Shampoo bottles with ordering two wash trios instead of the 1 Gallon you get in the 2-bucket wash kit.


Never thought I'd spend this much on cleaning products, but I don't want to cut corners or trust it to a local detailer that could cost nearly as much as these products that will last for a while. I already see the start of swirls and long scratches in direct sunlight from just the Ford dealer's detailing. And with a dark metallic blue, that's the last thing I want to see.


Who knew washing a car could seem like fun. Maybe the reward is so much nicer on a car like this, with metallic paint, compared to my old Hyundai with silver paint.


Any suggestions? Like, is a hand polish bottle needed if you get the brilliant glaze?

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Well Brian, I was a complete newbie to detailing when I did my first detail with a Porter Cable. What I did was followed the Volume 6 DVD step by step and the results were incredible! There is no risk with burning with a PC, it is a very forgiving piece of equipment. Just a couple of spritz of DS on your pads before polishing ensures proper lubrication for the pads and compound.


And sorry to be so negative, but chances are your going to need to polish your car after the dealer's "detail". There are plenty of horror stories on here of cars with dealer installed swirls and haze.


One more thing, don't be afraid of the Cali Duster. I use mine routinely. Just ensure you never use on a filthy car, you always use a light sweeping motion. The Junkman has a a whole how to on the Cali Duster.


Finally, welcome! Beautiful car!

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buttery is a great wax, and my intention was to upgrade to americana at the end of winter. well the ultimate shine kit was a daily deal not too long ago and well needless to say i couldnt pass it up. im $800 in, 2 orders, 1 month apart. im hooked.

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if your Kona Blue Mustang is anything like the Kona Blue Edge my Wife has, it came with the dealer installed swirl package, they weren't too crazy, but I knocked them out easily with the PC, which was my first time with the pc.. the two pics I posted above show the results, as well as more pics in the thread Click Here

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Polishing is neccessary to remove scratches, although the BG has filling properties, its nothing to mask scratches and swirls. Its basically there to hide small imperfections caused by a polishing pad.


Polishing by hand will get you results, but nothing compared to using a machine. You dont need to purchase one right away, but a PC7424 or equivalent should be your next investment.

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I'm so torn. A PC sounds great to get rid of the scratches by the dealer, making all the effort in detailing a car worth it. I mean who wants to go through that trouble just to see swirls in the finish when perfection is so close.


The new daily special seems like a great deal to start with, then I'd keep an eye on daily deals to build up. It would give me a simple wash, detail spray, and butter wax. Wish it included the fire hose nozzle like the $199 bundle. So I'm already hesitating due to thinking what it will cost me to build up later, such as the nozzle, second wash pad and drying towel, etc.


Are there ever daily specials on PCs? The Junkman kit still seems enticing, besides missing any kind of wash nozzle, it has everything I could want.


Well, I better think fast before the daily deal changes.


This car will be my daily driver. I read somewhere the Machine SuperSealent (EDIT: Not Polish) would be good protection. Also, I was a bit confused for a while when the Junkman's kit refered to it as SuperWax.

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if your Kona Blue Mustang is anything like the Kona Blue Edge my Wife has, it came with the dealer installed swirl package, they weren't too crazy, but I knocked them out easily with the PC, which was my first time with the pc.. the two pics I posted above show the results, as well as more pics in the thread Click Here



Great looking paint. Looks almost like you're looking into infinite starfield.


Those photos have me really considering a PC.

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MSS is GREAT protection, but it's highly suggested that it be applied using the PC.


Machine Super Wax is now MSS It's a sealant not a wax so it was a long time coming.


Your car may look good now, but it WILL get fine scratches in it from claying and washing.


If you want to keep it as nice as possible, a PC is necessary. It's a DD right? Yep... PC!


Did you say star field? This vehicle has 101,000 miles on it now...





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Took me a while, but finally placed my order.




2: Adams Grit Guard Insert

(Kit includes a bucket/grit guard, this will go with an extra bucket for 2-bucket wash)


3: Adam's Premium Interior Dressing Applicators

(The kit comes with the leather conditioner, so I'd need these)


4: Adam's Professional Car Wash Pad

(2nd pad for lower half of car)


5: Adam's Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels x2

(Probably use with interior cleaner spray)


Checked out with the Labor Day sale.


I jumped up to this premium kit since I also wanted the Americana Wax, the interior cleaner and conditioner, VRT, and glass cleaner. A very well rounded package. Though, I probably don't really need the Undercarriage Spray and "Severe" Swirl Remover Polish.




How important are 4 inch PC pads? Do most people get by with the larger pads? This is a new car, so only minor correction. I worry about tighter spots where the pad might be forced to run over say the brake light covers.

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4in. pads do come in handy esp. if you have a drill to go along with it. i use it for tight spaces and when i can't get swirls/scratches out with the big pads. i also use them for my headlights.


nice looking car man. i actually took home a KBM M6 5.0 mustang for a night, its a crazy color for sure

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Thanks for the advice. My order cost more than I ever planned for car care supplies, but going just a little further for the suggested kit does seem to go alooooong way. So I may just do that. Though, a porter cable is a bit intimidating as a newbie to detailing. At first I thought it might be overkill for a new car, since I'm not exactly trying to restore paint. I'll have to check out the videos to see if it is fun to use and quicker when it comes to waxing and other jobs. I'd probably go with the machine wax package, then think about the American Wax in the future.


Is that Porter Cable the kind that can burn if you are not careful?


Anyone know average shipping times to California for orders from Adams with Fedex Home Delivery option? My car is due for a wash after hesitating on products, so I'm wondering if it's worth it to pay for 2-day shipping. Or, anyone know a quick safe way to wash a car before the real supplies arrive? Nothing perfect, but just to be on the safe side in case anything bad is on the paint. I haven't even touched it, not even with a California Duster, since I worry that will scratch. Thank goodness I now live in a place with a garage.


Oh, here are the only pics I have online, taken with my iPhone a day after the dealer did their detailing. How on earth could I start a new thread that mentions a new car without photos!









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