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What is this bug?!?!?!



I pulled my mini out of the garage as she hasn't been out for 2 weeks to get her ready for a model/car photoshoot tomorrow and I saw these bugs all OVER my Mini


I don't know what they are and they're bothering me because obviously they are living in my garage. They have six legs and two fairly large antennas :confused::mad:




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Looks like you have a leaf footed bug on your hands...a nymph I guess. Not alot of information, but I found two articles. I know absolutely nothing about bugs...just googled. Bwahaha.




Tiny Red Insect (Leaffooted bug nymph)


by Darrin

(Southeastern U.S.)


Nice color but waaayyy too many of them!


<!-- Thumbnails section -->

<!-- End of thumbnails section -->Found two groups of these tiny Red insects on my Gutters. Each one has 6 legs and 2 antenna, and are a very bright red. They weren't crawling around but were clustered in a group.


They were in the same place on the gutter except on different sides of the house, right on the joint of the gutter pipe leading down from the roof.


Very small, but a lot of them.




Read more: Red Insect Identification




Another article....

Critters May 2007



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