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Adam's at Corvettes At Carlisle (Lots of pics)

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This year was my 5th year attending Corvettes at Carlisle, and of course also Adam's customer appreciation party Friday evening where I got to meet a few of the forum members. I don't have many photos from Friday because my phone battery died early in the day, but I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures anyway as Adam put me to work shining up the demo cars, spreading product knowledge, and making sales. :2thumbs:


Working the show with Adam, Chris, and everyone else is one of the most fun experiences of the year for me. I got to meet so many people from enthusiasts to novices, from all different places with all different cars, and seeing how impressed they were with our product knowledge and demonstrations made it even more rewarding.


We stayed in Harrisburg like we always do, arrived about 5pm during a nice rain storm. Lots of vettes getting wet :(



Had amazing ribs at the Lancaster Brewing Company. These are part of the reason why we make the trip every year.



Early Friday at the show



Carlisle Blue Grand Sport convertible, looks great in the sun



Motorama prototype, owned by Kerbeck





More from the Kerbeck tent





Cars cars and more cars







Hood of a 2008 convertible that Adam, myself, and a few others tackled for a very satisfied customer



This is when my phone battery started draining rapidly, so that's all from me from friday


Saturday was great, I got to Adam's tent around 8am and within minutes was given a black C4 convertible to work on. The sun was hiding all day so it was hard to see any swirls, but we did a pretty good job, and again the owner was ecstatic and enjoyed watching us clean his car for him.


Started with the wheels



Adam taking care of the hood





passenger door, looks like the door itself is covered in hay and dirt, but that's just the reflection (thanks for the shirt!)



Chris showing the corvette program manager how to use the flex



Adam demonstrating how to use the drill and 4" pads to spot-treat deeper scratches.



Really old bottle of Revive Polish



A 100th Anniversary "Centennial Edition" ZR1. It's black metallic (called "Carbon Flash") with flat black stripes. I sat in this and had to be removed by force because my mortgage wasn't approved :jester:















And I got to come home to a hurricane


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Great pics. A few observations.


1) In the 9th pic down(above the Skunks below the Kerbek tent) there is a Velocity Yellow GS Vert, a Cyber Gray GS Coupe, then a Crystal Red GS Coupe. The car next to it appears to be possibly a Monterey Red Z06? The observation is that I've never seen the two colors side by side. It's hard to say for sure if that is the case or not without seeing a fender or wheel.


2) If that is the same Centennial ZR1 they had at the Bash in April I too had to be forcibly removed.


3) I find your shot of the two Carlisle Blue Grand Sports in the next to last picture to be very striking. They look like two entirely different colors.


Great shots and I hate that I missed it.

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