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Hey guys, I have a question that I'm probably gunna get flammed for but I dont wanna waste my time and learn from the best. Heres the deal, I have a black jeep SRT8 and about 4 months back i did the entire car with the adams PC system and it looked great. Until recently I am back up at school and parked in my complex and now have hard water stains all over my truck :(. I want to get those buffed out and also correct some minor swirl marks that have occurred since I did the adams step by step process. I am just very exact about my car and black doesn't quite lend itself to that haha. I am just wondering if it would be best to go over the car again with SHR or the fine machine polish or both? Again the water etching is very minimal, mostly on the hood, I really want to clean up some of the swirl marks that have occurred as well. Thanks for the advice guys and helping a fellow detailer out!

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good to hear : ), cause those were exactly what i was gunna do but i had to ask you professionals. What dilution do you use in the dawn to water solution? I've heard a bunch of different amounts and not quite sure which to go with


I have used 1 oz. Dawn to 2 gal of water.

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