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Street paint



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Well, if there is a bright side, it's on a very durable surface that you can work with and not enflict much damage.


Laquer thinner, commercial paint thinner, APC, or even carb cleaner might cut it. Depends on the type of paint, but it's probably oil based and not water based. Just be sure to try a small area, but those shouldn't do any damage to the fenderwell plastic. If there is any on the paint that thread should help. I've got a box of a hundred plastic razor blades that might do the trick, but that wouldn't help you.

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Should I try some DS and clay first?


spray the area with APC and elbow grease?

or paint thinner/lacquer?


Least aggressive IMO...if it worked for someone with DS and clay, then try that first. No reason to go full out if you don't have to.

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