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09 Ram


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It's a 2009 Ram with 30k on the clock. The only problem with this truck is the color matched fender flares. They still have the texture. Claying didn't seem to do any good. We did the best we could and left well enough alone.



Tires, wheels and wheel wells with APC

2 bucket wash

Dried with DS


SSR, SHR, & FMP on the hood

SHR, and FMP on the rest

topped with a coat of MSS


Enjoy the pics:


More pics in Post #21 with BG and APW




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Thanks everyone. This truck only had a few scratches that were too deep for the amount of time we had. I'd say I got it back to 85-90% perfect.


In doing this truck I created a monster with the owner. He's only 25 and this is his first new truck purchase. He had no idea it could be made to look that good.:glasses: He helped with the entire process. I even let him do the Flex on the roof. He is 6'6" so reaching everything was easy for him.


I'm giving him a bottle of DS and a double soft to do another wipedown tomorrow morning.


I also forgot to mention in the original post it has BG on all the chrome. He couldn't believe the BG results.

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