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Premium garden hose....


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I'm sick of having to go thru garden hoses every few years due to wear-n-tear. The box stores sell some high-end ones but even they seem to wear, fade, leak, flake, kink and whatnot over time.


I'm after two at [at least] 150 ft. long that don't have to be piggy-backed at that length. 200 ft. would be even better.


I don't mind spending.


Any suggestions?

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My old man has had our garden hoses for 10+ years, leaves them outside for the winter and they've held up beautifuly. No cracks, no leaks. Now a days companies don't make products to last a long time, if they did, people wouldn't need to buy there product.


If I knew the name of the hose I would let you know, but I have no idea :confused:

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I have had a run around with our hoses at my house, little chipmunks chewed holes in 3 of my older hoses!!! so i threw those out and got picked up some more from home depot, since i live on a lake these hoses take a real beating. The new ones i picked up are Neverkink, have not had one problem with them, before these i got a cost co set and it is beat up now and the neverkink look new. red come in 75ft, black in 100.


3/4 in. x 75 ft. Commercial Duty Hose-9875 75 at The Home Depot

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I just bought this.....



Along with this.....



Worth every penny!!! Amazing product, super fast shipping, and made in the USA!! :)


It's not really made in the USA if you read the FAQ on their website. Fabrication is in China. I personally wouldn't hold that against them though because it sounds like a good product and they try to do everything else here. Once I own a home I'll probably have one myself. Just wouldn't want people buying one on the assumption it's made in the US and then being disappointed it's not.


Where is this product made?


Recognizing that the marketplace and economy we all operate in today is a global one, Eley Corp. utilizes a combination of both domestic and overseas operations that enables us to create our trend-setting designs, manufactured to the highest quality standards,sold at fair and reasonable prices to the consumer, and backed by unparalleled customer support. There are a number of operations that must take place in order to bring these premium quality products to market. Following is a brief summary of these operations and the country in which each takes place:

Product Design, Engineering & Testing - USA (In-House)

Packaging & Support Material Design - USA (Both In-House and Ad Agencies)

Fabrication, Assembly & Packaging - China (in our wholly US owned and operated factory)

Product Warehousing - USA

Product Shipping/Delivery - USA (FedEx, UPS, LTL Carriers)

Product Retailing - USA (Mostly locally-owned, independent Garden Centers & Hardware Stores)

Customer Service - USA (In-House)

So, even though the production-related operations take place overseas, rest assured that your purchase of Rapid Reel products supports both American families and the American economy across a wide range of industries.

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