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A few shots from tonight's cruise in...

Sizzle Chest

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Nice pics.


Went to a local car show today as well. NOT ONE CAR worth looking at (paint wise). The 50-60 cars there - they loved their Meguiars. (sp).


Sad. Really.


That Mustang looks sweet. Wife has a Red 2007 v6. She hates it. Wants a v8.

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Great weather tonight! Went down to about 74 or so with low humidity! Come on fall/winter and cooler temps!


Yea, finally car show weather! :banana:




Is that your old 66?




The new Nasty looks the same color as the old Nasty in this shot!


Thanks for sharing Scott!

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Thanks all! Bob, sounds like she needs/wants a new 5.0!


Mike, I'm just hoping this is a preview of the weather to come...soon!


Nope, not my old '66, that one went to Finland believe it or not! The new 'Nasty' is a very dark blue and it does look black there!


Hope all is well with you amigo!

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