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applying americana and brilliant glaze?



just a quickie...


when you apply the americana with the red and blue pad should you give the pad a spritz of detail spray like you do with the buffing pads? in the video i didn't notice dylan doing that but thought maybe he was using a pre-moistened applicator. also, is the briliant glaze a very thin consistency almost like water? can you use the same applicator that you used with the glaze and then put on americana right using the same one? if so then the applicator is pre moistened. so if you just use the americana i wondered if you should spritz it.


just trying to learn what's the most effective

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thanks for the info guys. looks like i want to get another applicator if i want to do both the same day.


i'm surprised they you're supposed to use the applicator dry. back in the preshistoric days of my youth people used to say to slightly wet the applicator when using it. but i'm sure there was nothing as good as americana back in those days.


again, thanks for the help. i know i ask a lot of questions... :( but i try to stay out of trouble by doing it. and i'm sure dylan and you guys have forgotten more about this than i know. i have my strengths, but with polishing cars i'm a total newb... :bow:


this is such a great forum.... and as i previously mentioned, i'm in love with adams products AND people. you guys rock

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Yes... its fine. the yellow and red foam faces are actually the same... the only difference between the 2 applicators (aside from color) is the foam density of the backing.


We recommend the americana b/c its easier to squeeze the excess product back to the surface since its so watery. With the black backing on the yellow hex grip, it holds the glaze and is much harder to get the excess back to the surface again.


From an application standpoint they'll both get the job done... just our OFFICIAL opinion that the americana app makes it a bit easier.

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